Unfinished Basement Bedroom Ideas

Create Comfortable Basement Bedroom Ideas

The advantages of having solid concrete basement bedroom ideas are numerous. You can extend the usable space in your home considerably, with place for storage, recreation and laundry; and have sleeping quarters for guests or teenagers.  Choose paint colors that reflect your style. You can create a space inviting even in a large area open painting the concrete walls in dark, warm colors. Place a thick plush carpet on carpet padding rubber. Concrete floors can be flashpoints and hard for your feet and legs, as they are not flexible.

Locate the furniture so that divide the open cellars in small rooms or living and working spaces. Use a cabinet or shelving standing to fulfill a dual function as storage units and room dividers. Hanging plants such as ivy and cactus to improve the air from the basement and a touch of greenery. Place one or two large potted plants in the basement bedroom ideas.

Add floor lamps and table in basement areas where natural light is scarce. Dress the windows with curtains of light gauze to maximize natural light. Paint a basement concrete wall bright white for the playground. To heat the basement bedroom ideas, use soft hydroid heating or infrared. These types of heating do not use fans to circulate the air, so keep dust to a minimum