Design of Owl Wall Decor

Owl wall decor – Being away from home can be an energetic and scary experience for young children. They are used to the familiarity that comes with being at home with their parents; Going to school takes them out of their comfort zone. Use a mascot to welcome children and make them feel safe in their new environment. Choose a kind character, such as an owl, and incorporate it throughout the classroom.

Owl bulletin board

At the beginning of the school year, a bulletin board is created to welcome students to the classroom. Line the back of the notice board with light blue paper and print a picture of an owl wall decor. Write the title “Whoop are you?” on the board. Tell them the owl wants to learn about them and that’s why he asks “Whoop is you?” During the first week of school, conduct an All about Me device. Take pictures of children and interview them to find out what their favorite colors, foods, toys and books are. Write their answers down and show them and their pictures on the board around the owl.

Owl Puppet

Buy an owl puppet or do yourself, if you are crazy, to bring the mascot to life. Use the doll during the year to help tell stories, to sit in the lessons, to encourage children to listen and follow the class rules. Give children the opportunity to use the owl wall decor; For example, a child can carry the doll and sing a song or tell a story. The children will be happy when they see the owl, as it will start to become a friend and a member of the classroom.

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