Double Traverse Curtain Rod Hardware

Double Traverse Curtain Rod Inspiration

Double traverse curtain rod – One part of home decoration that is quite important is the curtain. The home atmosphere can be less pleasing if the curtains are messy or installed carelessly. Curtains that match the appearance of the house will certainly enhance the appearance of your home. And here are some curtain inspiration you can choose for a modern style home. Pssst! for a minimalist home is also suitable, yes!

The first double traverse curtain rod must be in line with the furniture. This is the easiest way to choose the curtain, which is to adjust the dominant color in your home. As much as possible, choose a neutral or bright color that doesn’t make your eyes glare. The curtains don’t run into the center in decorating your home. Some safe colors for curtains include cream, peach, gray and other light colors.

The second line motif, if interested in double traverse curtain rod motive, line motifs are arguably the safest and easiest to mix and match with various home decorations. Next, is folding curtains, curtains don’t have to be conventional ones. Curtains that are only half a wall or curtain that is usually used for short windows should use curtains drawn upwards.