Interlocking Wood Deck Tiles System

Easy Interlocking Wood Deck Tiles

Interlocking wood deck tiles is particularly widespread on deck because of tile color and style variety. Unlike traditional injected tiles are interlocking decks tiles are not permanently fixed to surfaces. Interlocking deck tile is easy to remove and reinstall several times. Lay interlocking tiles on a tree covered by basic installation techniques.

Take each object from deck. Sweeping deck thoroughly with a broom before laying tiles. Multiply tire length and width to calculate total area of tire. As a standard deck tile usually measures 1 square foot, determines total area of tire amount of tiles you need to cover deck surface. Lay first interlocking wood deck tiles in a corner of deck surface. Place second interlocking tiles directly adjacent to first tile. Press down on other tile saw his connection tabs interlock with first tile tabs. These tabs are on all four sides of each tile.

Continue interlocking wood deck tiles together until entire deck is tiled. Secure connection each side of each tile together – except edge tiles, each of which has one side exposed. Arrange tiles in a pattern or design you want. Inspect tires for exposed rooms for small or awkward to fit entire tiles. Measuring areas of these spaces to create custom tiles. Cutting tiles to dimensions of exposed space, with a hand saw.