Simple Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Interior Decoration

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas – The rural houses, which have always been a clear example of rustic decoration, begin little by little to be inspired by other current trends (vintage, Shabby Chic …). They know that their clients not only appreciate the rural environment, but also the care and updating of the interior rooms. The combination of the solid wood of the beams and rustic air furniture with glass, and other more modern elements such as designer bathrooms, make this place a unique and really attractive space.

Undoubtedly, an excellent way to update a farmhouse living room ideas decoration space to the times of today. Behind the white facade of a village building, there is an accommodation that although retains the original furniture of the construction of the nineteenth century, boasts modern, colorful and spacious rooms, highlighting the open rooms and all the services of the XXI century, the original corridor around which the living rooms and the most modern kitchens are distributed. Here we have taken care of every last detail, from the decoration of the restaurant to the armchairs and library.

Through the paintings that decorate the rooms and the amenities of the bathrooms, of flashy mirrors and showers. Undoubtedly, a place where the farmhouse living room ideas decoration prevails but also the most exclusive. In rural houses, functionality begins to gain importance in leaps and bounds, but always maintaining a good combination between rustic decoration and other decorative trends, such as the most modern design lines and vintage style.