Modern Dining Chairs with Casters

How to Make Dining Chairs with Casters

In this modern era many new things about the seat is no exception. Many innovations in the dining chairs of which is available in stores until it do it yourself. Dining chairs with casters , casters also called “wheels”, protect the soil from the slip frequency of the feet of the chair. Determine the type of wheels necessary for your dining chairs by measuring the bottom of the chair legs. Choose a beaver with a plate, or one that slides over the bottom of the chair and secured with screws to the legs.

Lets read this instructions to installing wheels of dining chair. The first turn off the dining chair over and place the seat on a solid surface, such as the dining table. Place a towel under the seat of the chair to protect the table and the chair seat from scratches.Second step, place the wheel at the bottom of the leg of the chair.

Than, install screws through the castor plate at the bottom of the leg of the chair, or on the side of the cup castor castor if the type chosen slide in the bottom of the chair leg.  Place the chair back on the floor. The last step is repeat steps 1-4 for each leg on each chair.The project to make dining chairs with casters was completed.