Wood Floor Finishes Treatment Without Sanding

Wood Floor Finishes – Today we will talk about how to maintain the finish of floors, this ensures that your floor lasts longer and prevents full sanding every time you want to highlight the finish of the wood. Wood floors can last generations, but the finish of these does not. Restore the finish of an old floor usually involves sanding up to the pure wood layer, removing the upper layer of the finish, continuing to paint and shine again.

Rent a floor polisher and load it with the heavier polishing pad, move the machine in the direction of the wood slabs and travel the area from one end to the other, taking off the top layer of the existing shine. Close the entire floor and vacuum all the residues. Refill the polisher with a semi-abrasive pad. Polish the wood floor finishes again in the same way as in the first step to remove the remaining shine. Vacuum the entire area.

Polish the wood floor finishes a third and last time with the thinner pad to soften and clean the surface. Vacuum thoroughly. The result must be a completely flat and opaque floor, with all the brilliance gone but with the original painting still in place. Gently stir the container of the new finish, (do not shake it), pour a considerable amount on the floor near the corner farthest from the entrance. Adjust the applicator on the shine and slowly pull it back on the boards.

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Farmhouse Living Room Ideas Interior Decoration

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas – The rural houses, which have always been a clear example of rustic decoration, begin little by little to be inspired by other current trends (vintage, Shabby Chic …). They know that their clients not only appreciate the rural environment, but also the care and updating of the interior rooms. The combination of the solid wood of the beams and rustic air furniture with glass, and other more modern elements such as designer bathrooms, make this place a unique and really attractive space.

Undoubtedly, an excellent way to update a farmhouse living room ideas decoration space to the times of today. Behind the white facade of a village building, there is an accommodation that although retains the original furniture of the construction of the nineteenth century, boasts modern, colorful and spacious rooms, highlighting the open rooms and all the services of the XXI century, the original corridor around which the living rooms and the most modern kitchens are distributed. Here we have taken care of every last detail, from the decoration of the restaurant to the armchairs and library.

Through the paintings that decorate the rooms and the amenities of the bathrooms, of flashy mirrors and showers. Undoubtedly, a place where the farmhouse living room ideas decoration prevails but also the most exclusive. In rural houses, functionality begins to gain importance in leaps and bounds, but always maintaining a good combination between rustic decoration and other decorative trends, such as the most modern design lines and vintage style.

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Cute Diy Crafts for Teens

We will see diy crafts for teens and details to decorate the room that will surely enchant the big kids, do we see them? Notebooks, notebooks and folders should be personalized. It’s a teen rule! In the main image we have seen a simple and fun way to personalize a current notebook, using washi tape. It is just to open the notebook and paste washi tape of different colors and patterns diagonally, side by side. Pencils and pens can also be customized in the same way.

Making necklaces is one of diy crafts for teens that can be of most interest to pre-teens and teenagers, because they can give free rein to their creativity by creating their own fashionable accessories. This necklace is made with fabric, we must create a long tube by sewing a strip of fabric with the sewing machine, and we put marbles inside the tube and closing with a knot, until forming the necklace.

Decorating the room with your diy crafts for teens is something you will surely love. You can buy the cardboard or wood letters already ready or make them yourself. Then you put tail on the back side and you go lining with wool, combining the colors that you like the most. To finish, flowers or any other detail that you fancy.

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Entryway Lights Ceiling to Improve Your Home Facade

Entryway Lights Ceiling – Correct lighting can make a difference in the appearance of the façade of your home. Make it the center of your eyes depends to the sparkles with which you can decorate them. Do not you believe us? So you still have to learn how details can create great moments. So stay with us throughout this book of ideas. We want to teach you this opportunity. And give you great ideas on how you can place lights at the entrance of your house. To give it a unique and special glow.

The lighting of each of our environments includes the entrance of our home. Not only part of the aesthetic but also of the functional and necessary with entryway lights ceiling. For example, if it is night and our facade is dark, no one will be able to locate the house number. Or it will simply be too difficult for them. In the same way, a dark facade can be very attractive for the friends of other people. As it will appear that there is nobody at home. Finally, the beauty of your entry will be completely lost at nightfall. For all these reasons, it is very important to have an illuminate façade and take advantage of this element. For the further enhance our income giving it the depth we want, more modernity and even elegance.

The experts bring us this beautiful idea, it is a direct lighting to the entrance door with the entryway lights ceiling. As well as through all the way that takes you to it. Depends to the lighting you can appreciate the beautiful finishes. Such as the white taped floor, the wooden planks and the wonderful plants that adorn the entire entrance. To give more personality and drama to your facade there is nothing better than placing lights that generate shadows. Whether on stones, plants, grates, or any other finish.

Although this facade uses various forms of lighting. It does so in a subtle and not exaggerated way. We see the lighting on each step with led lights, a hanging entryway lights ceiling lamp on the second level balcony that also brings light into the entrance. If you always lean for the simplest and easiest, one way is to implement a minimalist lighting on the ceiling. You can opt for light bulbs, reflectors or led lights on the wall above your entrance door or facade. This is a great way to use LED or dichroic lights to illuminate your income and have this fabulous result. This lighting highlights the beautiful wooden door, as well as sculpture and vegetation. They provide much warmth but also modernity.

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Feng Shui Bed Location for Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small bedroom decorating ideas – Decorating your little bedroom according to faith and practice Feng Shui can make the room feel more spacious and inviting. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art. How to best place furniture and things in your home to let energy flow through your home. So will bring balance and for your life.

Bed placement is one of the most important factors in placing your small bedroom decorating ideas. Your bed should not share a wall with the door. Also a bathroom or placed under a window or mirror, if at all possible. Placing your bed against a wall that shared with a bathroom is drainage and chaotic. As the water there is constant redness and movement. If there is no other wall that you can place your bed against, hang a mirror over your bed to reflect the redness and drain back into the bathroom.

If the bed is for a single person looking for love, the same rules apply. For a child or teenager, it is ok to place the bed against the wall to allow for more space. Do not place the bed directly in front of the door. But at the farthest point you can opposite the door. You should have a clear view of the door and the whole room from your bed small bedroom decorating ideas, called the King’s position.

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