Build a Wooden Deck Cooler

Top Ways to Remove Rust from Wooden Deck Cooler

More often than not, wooden deck cooler are exposed to various forms of elements that can cause corrosion and damage. Constant sun exposure slit hard wood while the cold weather encourages the growth of bacteria. Water and fog contribute to the oxidation of nails and screws that held the woods somewhere.

When this happens, luster wooden deck cooler disappears and only replaced by the orange tinge unsightly rust and mold and cracks. But there is something that can be done to restore the stained wood decks. Here is a simple way that you can use as a reference for cleaning your wood deck. Sodium percarbonate is, hygroscopic crystals colored oxidizing agents; it is commonly used in the manufacture of environmentally friendly detergents. When sodium per carbonate is mixed with water, it releases soda ash and hydrogen peroxide.

These two components are known to be safe and effective cleaning agent. Given all that, the sodium per carbonate is a safe way to remove rust stains from wooden deck cooler. To use, simply mix one part of sodium per carbonate with one part water. For a more robust solution, just add more sodium per carbonate. Dip and soak stiff nylon brush into the solution and then use it to rub the stained deck. Do this until all the rust stains are completely removed.