Upholstered Wall Panels New Inspiration Design

Upholstered Wall Panels – If you want to add a cozy or glamorous element to your smooth walls, or if you want a temporary alternative to wallpaper, make your own upholstered wall panels. The fabric can add a touch of color and texture to accent walls or small areas in powder rooms and living spaces. They work as well instead of a headboard or to define a small sitting area.

Measure your wall to determine the dimensions of the upholstered wall panels. Place one panel over the entire surface or several small panels spaced apart or abutting each other, for example. Write down your measurements. Cut a piece of thin plywood, solid foam or furnishing board to your desired dimensions. Cut a piece of foam stick as thick as you like your wall panel. Thinner panels can be subtle and elegant, while the thicker ones create a lush or cozy look. Purchase upholstery fabric for your panel.

The textured material creates depth and adds texture to a room, while smooth material can create an elegant or casual effect, depending on the color or print. Cut the fabric to your measured upholstered wall panels dimensions. Adding about 1 1/2 inches to each side, as well as the thickness of the foam sheet. Wash and iron your fabric before using. Place the fabric surface down on a large, clean, and smooth work surface. Measure and mark a 1/2 inch of each inner edge.